Being a Master Furniture Maker by trade and playing guitars from an early age, the transition to building guitars was a natural thing. Most of the tools were already in place and with a little push from friends I started on that journey. Having owned some of the finest guitars built by makers such as James Olson, Martin, Charis, Huss @ Dalton, Gibson, Taylor, Ovation, Fender, Guild and Yamaha, I had a good starting point. My acoustic line currently consists of the Small Jumbo Full Body and is also available with a Florentine cutaway. The Resonator line is based off the SJ 12 fret with the cutaway and a shallower body, available in Spider or Biscuit Bridges and Tri-Cone setups.
— Michael Armand
Our three Aubade Acoustic Guitars, two of which are custom builds, are the most beautiful instruments we have ever had the privilege of owning.
— Simon Rosellys
As Olivander is to wands in Harry Potter, Michael Armand is to guitars. He can make a guitar for any player that will choose you as much as you choose it. Magical instruments.
— Rachel Laven
I had no idea that when I picked one up, it would become my favorite guitar of all time. When I see each new batch of Aubade guitars, I am truly envious of the owner of each guitar that leaves Mike’s shop.
— Toby Traylor