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Aubade Owners, Their Guitars, Their Stories.

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The Rosellys

British Americana band from Bristol, England

A few years ago, whilst on tour in the States we were introduced to Mike Armand through a very close friend. Mike, an established carpenter in Lecompte Louisiana, had just begun a side line to his beautiful furniture making company building a few guitars. He had only built a handful of guitars at this point and they completely blew us away with the build quality, beauty and most importantly the unbelievable sound that they made. His guitars were perfect for the style and way that we play guitar.

On our 2015 Spring Tour to America we spent a couple of days with Mike at his Aubade Guitar Workshop choosing woods and designing our new custom Rosellys guitars. Mike finished 'No 41' and 'No 43' ready for our 2015 Fall Tour.  We were expecting exceedingly high quality instruments and we were not disappointed. They play and look incredible and they sound even better than they look. We are beyond happy with our new guitars and we fully endorse Aubade Acoustic Guitars.  

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Marcus Johnson


It was a stroke of good luck that connected me to Michael Armand and ultimately to Aubade guitars. I had been looking  for an Olson guitar and there was one for sale on eBay  listed by a gentleman from Louisiana so I reached out and contacted him by phone being from Louisiana myself to discuss that guitar. I wasn't able to sell one of my guitars for a reasonable price so that deal didn't work out and there is the twist. On a trip home at Christmas time I called Mike and made arrangements to meet him and checkout the guitars he’d been building. Mike explained that when he started building guitars that he bought several Olsons, Martins, Taylors, and Charis’s to first study their construction before building his model.  I took my son and daughter with me to visit Mike’s shop as we all play guitar. We played two Olson’s that he had and probably 8 guitars that Mike built. I found myself putting the Olsons down an picking up Mike’s guitars. First of all the craftsmanship and overall appearance was impeccable. Mike is an absolute perfectionist.  More importantly the tone and playability was fantastic.  The roundness of the notes and the sustain was impressive in each guitar I played. I’ve always maintained the opinion that there is a guitar for everyone out there. I felt that Mike’s guitars connected with my musical soul. When we left that day, we came home with an exquisite spalted maple and cedar guitar and two more guitars on order. I have since added one more guitar to the order. My recommendation to you is if you want a custom guitar that connects to your musical soul crafted by an extremely talented perfectionist, then you should give Mike and Aubade guitars a call or a visit and get your dream guitar started.

Toby Traylor

Owner of Lea's Pies and musician in Monroe, Louisiana

I love hand made instruments, so I’m always on the lookout for great luthiers. With all of the instruments I’ve seen, I believe the greatest challenge is finding the balance between making a beautiful instrument and a beautifully sounding instrument.  When I went to visit Mike Armand for the first time, I knew that he was a master furniture maker, so I suspected that his guitars would be beautiful, but I had no idea that when I picked one up, it would become my favorite guitar of all time.  Every guitar made by Mike Armand is unique with his own personal touch.  He has truly captured the resonance of every cut of wood milled in-house for each of his instruments.  I, personally, have two of his guitars.  The first is a red sinker cypress with spalted maple back and sides.  It is truly a work of art and it has a natural, airy resonance that just cannot be duplicated with a mass produced instrument.  My second “Aubade” guitar is an extraordinarily beautiful, all mahogany guitar milled by Mike from the bleacher seats of my old High School.  My personal connection with this guitar, naturally, makes it special, but the tone and easy action make it my “go to” guitar for all gigs and professional performances.I am so impressed with Aubade guitars, that I would recommend them to anyone searching for a finely, hand made instrument.  In fact, when I see each new batch of Aubade guitars, I am truly envious of the owner of each guitar that leaves Mike’s shop.

Michelle Willis

American Singer/Songwriter

I met Mike at an event I was singing at, and after I had finished he approached me and said he wanted to build me a guitar. So we met at his shop, and Mike brought me through and helped me pick out each detail of what I wanted the guitar to look like, from the wood, to the fret; even the tuning knobs. When he finished the guitar and I saw it for the first time, I was in love. It plays amazingly, it fits, and not to mention it's gorgeous. Mike's work is truly spectacular.

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